Summer Is Forever is the title of this joint effort by Best Coast and Wavves, which is quite an endearing thought, in these current bleak, winter days we're experiencing. From the first play, it is impossible to not think of those dreamy and perfect summer days, which makes this 7" - exclusively available at the gigs of the current Wavves and Best Coast joint American tour - not too aptly timed. Put that in a vinyl sleeve with a large cat being sick and aliens smoking a joint, and it feels that this is going to be out of the ordinary.

Best Coast and Wavves have never made any secrets about their friendship, and this pairing works well, despite the EP being mainly recycled material. The EP features a compilation of songs we already know and love from each of their already established and released LPs: Best Coast's 'Crazy for You'and Wavves' 'King of the Beach', evoking a great summer sound and vibe. I definitely had images of being on a beach in America, under pure blue skies, in the baking sun. Yet back in reality, the nearest offering of a beach, is the bleak, grey-skied shingle shore at Southend, not quite the glamorous destination this EP seems to promote.

On the five track EP there are also two exclusive tracks from the bands. It is here that we can clearly hear that Best Coast are head and shoulders better than Wavves. Wavves offers 'Stained Glass (Won't You Let Me Into Your Heart)' which is a pretty dreamy and enjoyable song with minimalistic vocals, but with Best Coast's 'When You Wake Up' following, it just can't compete. 'When You Wake Up' is sunshine in a box and you will find yourself singing the "ooooh ooh" in your head for the rest day. A sure contender for my soundtrack for this summer.

The short, but sweet EP ends with a track from the relatively unknown No Joy, who have been opening the show on the Wavves and Best Coast joint tour. Their song 'Hawaii' could be the love child of Best Coast and Wavves: female psychedelic vocals, yet more driving and dirtier riffs like Wavves. After the dreamy, summery sounds this is quite a hard, edgy and aggressive finish, definitely ending the EP with a bang. So on a rainy January morning, I'm wishing for sun, sea and sand, roll on summer!