Image from words by Charlotte Foster Nettie Horn- Vyner Street. Bjorn Veno ‘Chapter II and III’ This was primarily a photography exhibition with one video. The photos were either inside a house or of beautiful coastlines and always included Veno himself. My particular favourite was one where he had sand in his mouth, which was quite amusing because of the expression he was pulling. The photographs are of amazing quality, the lighting and angles all worked excellently. However, his presence in the photos presents a problem. They made you think ‘why the hell is he in it?’, or ‘why did he choose that backdrop?’ His presence combined with the backgrounds presents a confusing juxtaposition. It could be argued he ruined a beautiful backdrop. Or it could be argued the backdrop ruined the photo of him. However, without his presence it would only be a beautiful photo. And without the background, the photos of him would look less out of the ordinary and bizarre. Another question raised was that in some of the photos he was naked. His nakedness seemed rather exhibitionist and unnecessary. It didn’t really provide any insight to the work he was presenting us with. However, if he was fully clothed it wouldn’t be quite as quizzical. It would just be him, fully clothed in his house. The questions these pieces raise make them surreal, confusing, and maybe even slightly annoying to view. I can’t decide if it is a really clever exhibition or just a bunch of pieces which are slightly shoddy and not very well thought out. I think it is the first one. All in all a very interesting show. Empire gallery - 30 Vyner Street Maria Kjartansdottir More photos. This was an exhibition of photos by Icelandic Kjartansdottir. Pieces I thought brilliant were photos where striking stylised wings had been drawn onto a wall and then photos of children were taken, mid fall, in front of the drawings. The wings fitted perfectly around the children making them look like they had wings. Photographs of the sheep were interesting as well. The photographs seemed really serene on the exterior but the sheep were obviously all shoved together and probably quite distressed. Do not miss out on the four photographs of a child asleep in bed. They all look very similar; however, if with a closer look at the dates you realise each of them is taken a year apart, it then becomes apparent the child has changed in every photo. The exhibition vibes seemed really gentle and calm but it had a certain concentrated temperature. The overall effect was kind of like watching The Science of Sleep. First floor was a lot more interesting than the second floor which was more just photographs of snow, ice and houses.