Entering The O2 in London tonight, it feels like I've just stepped into a massive hen party - the clip clopping of heels, perfume wafting in the air, immaculately dressed ladies everywhere I turn; there's hardly a man in sight aside from the odd token male buddy or quiet partner tagging along. Naturally I'm a little wary but I remind myself I am here to see one of the world's most celebrated female artists - Beyoncé.

Before the show even starts, Beyoncé's Pepsi advert begins to play and the squeals are deafening. It's a friggin' Pepsi ad - she isn't actually here yet! The excitement is testament to her devoted, starry eyed fan base. I've also never been to a show that starts with a massive advert but, hey, she's gotta pay them bills. Finally the curtain is dramatically swept away and 'Run The World (Girls)' sets the stage for Beyoncé's entrance. The excitement is contagious and huge arenas like the O2 are where Mrs Carter really shines.

The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour 2013- London

In-between each costume change there's a short video interlude, each tastefully celebrate Beyoncé as a fashion icon, woman and performer. The most enjoyable part of the night is definitely around the early mid section where she turns up the heat with 'Get Me Bodied', 'Baby Boy' and 'Naughty Girl'. Her moves are tastefully sexy and her voice is utterly flawless. There was a lot of press attention created around some of her revealing outfits on this tour but tonight there's none of that, she struts around in heels and beautifully designed costumes that reflect the mood of each section.

Lady B's all-female backing band are terrific and the only men to grace the stage alongside her are dancers "The Twins". Tonight is definitely a celebration of womanhood, whatever that means to the crowd - whether it's sex, strength or independence the great thing about Beyoncé is she's not shoving her feminist agenda in our faces, she's simply just being the woman she is and executing it in style.

The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour 2013- London

Definite highlights tonight are the triple whammy of 'Survivor' followed by 'Crazy In Love' and 'Single Ladies', the latter two tracks are surely what everyone's been dying to hear but she rolls them out together as we near the end, crescendo-ing towards the finale. 'Grown Woman' is a new track but one we're all familiar with from her recent Pepsi ad and a hint of what's to come on her next album.

Beyoncé proves tonight she's the top of her game; her style, grace and energy on stage are undeniable. After four studio albums (with a fifth to follow later in the year), a child, 17 Grammys and numerous other accolades, she shows no signs of slowing down with The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. The Queen of Pop is an accolade that's been used for many a leading lady but one which Beyoncé more than deserves. All hail your new Queen!