Artist: Biffy Clyro Release: Only Revolutions On: 14th Floor Recordings Out: Available Now Buy: Rough Trade More Info: Myspace Biffy Clyro's fifth studio album 'Only Revolutions' sees the band take another giant leap forward in the evolution of the band from hairy metal heads to full-out pomp rockers. This one is written for the radio, for the stadiums they will inevitably end up playing and even sees a celebrity guest appearance (in the shape of QOTSA's Josh Homme - who else?). 'Revolutions' will divide opinions. In all likelihood it will alienate the hardcore cult following that has surrounded the band since their early days. You see, this record trades in all the abrasiveness of the initial releases for a highly finessed radio friendly album that will see the band hit the mainstream - stadium style. Perhaps Biffy hold some Samsun-esque properties... To this point they have been notoriously hirsute, frantically energetic and for lack of a better word, loud. Yet on this record much of the raw power is gone, in its place catchy pop choruses and orchestral backing timed neatly with frontman Simon Neil's new (relatively) clean shaven appearance - coincidence? (err, yes probably)... So does the more refined output of 'Revolutions' deliver? Well, quite simply, yes. Album opener and current single 'The Captain' is terrific. (video evidence below). It comes complete with a healthy smattering of "Woah -Oh-Oh" choruses and sets the anthemic tone for the record. Additional fist-pounding stadium sounds comes in the shape of older single 'Mountains'. Biffy Clyro - 'The Captain' Despite a move towards popular success, this is a record still laced with some trademark Biffy elements. Firstly there's the nonsensical lyrics - see 'Born on a Horse' and 'God and Satan' both of which are questionable, but then why should all music be choc-full of Leonard Cohen-seriousness? There are also moments here where the underlying edginess of the Biffy of yore is still evident. The brilliant and violent fury of 'Shock Shock' and recent single 'That Golden Rule' (video below) are prime examples of this and should help appease any disgruntled diehards. Biffy Clyro - 'That Golden Rule' All in all 'Only Revolutions' sees Biffy Clyro evolve to the next step of rock stardom – stadium pomp! This is a radio friendly record that will undoubtably piss off some old-school fans but open the band up to a whole load of new ones. Gone is much of the traditional abrasiveness in place of polished rock-pop choruses and fist pounding stadium anthems. 7.5/10 Track to Download: 'Shock Shock' Track To Skip: 'Many Of Horror' Twitter Review: Biffy Clyro's fifth studio album sees them shed much of their raw and abrasive exterior in favour of a collection of polished rock-pop tunes What say you on this? Sound off in our Forum!