This wonderful six-piece band from Sweden (with a cross-dressing front man, Lars Lindquist, and a mix of Abba inspired clothing sported by the rest of the band), release incrdible amounts of energy which rubs off onto the audience magnificently.  Their latest album "I used to wander these streets" is a combination of songs that consist of excellently played instruments (including a trumpet & an accordion), completely unique rhythm guitar sequences and lyrics you'll have in your head for ages. Currently supporting The Pipettes, this band are touring England for the rest of the month and having seen them live, their performances are definitely worth watching. I don't know what it is about Swedish bands, but they just have something special that a lot of other bands don't seem to have; whether it be their energy and chemistry on stage or perhaps they just have a completely different mind-set when it comes to writing material compared to some British bands. Check out more from Bille The Vision And The Dancers by visiting their Official Myspace