Side projects are often short-lived. Their existence is a mere attempt at creating music away from their regular band either for inspiration or to prove they can do it alone. Although not quite having surpassed his band Joan Of Arc's 16-album discography, 3 albums into his solo career, Nate Kinsella's Birthmark is still going strong, releasing the vehement Antibodies.

Kinsella experiments with unpredictable bass lines, various orchestral moments and lyrics to accompany you on disheartening days. If Bon Iver were to abandon his reserved antics and indulge in an optimistic jungle of percussion, 'Shake Hands' would be sound-tracking everyone’s heartache instead of 'Skinny Love'. Nevertheless, Nate’s buoyancy is far from consistent, as the album unravels into an intense ambience.

'You Lighten Me Up' is a cacophonous, poignant Ballard. Stern orchestral strings conjure up distress, contradicting the delicate piano, causing a confusing and unpleasant piece of music. However the consistent discordant wail of violins are fortunately interrupted with 'Keep Em Out's vibrant, silky percussion, soothing your head so you can dismiss that short disruption and continue to adore this albums unpredictable behaviour.

There’s an unfortunate lack of Facebook likes for such an immense sound, doubtlessly caused by Joan Of Arc fans abhorrence for Birthmark’s unfamiliar sounds. But who wants a solo project to be a measly replica of an existing band? No one. The contrast only confirms Nate's potential as Antibodies substance and passion undeniably proves Birthmark is a project that has many years until its demise.