Black Bug’s Police Helicopter EP, released on Hozac, is mercilessly short, barely 5 minutes in length. Emerging from the Swedish underground on a wave of hype, the duo have certified themselves as one of the more suffocating minimal acts of recent times. The tracks are packed to the brim with throbbing synths and rough, unkempt percussion.

None of the numbers feel like they have any time to waste, forgoing intros and pounding straight into an ambient array of noise and cowbells. There’s an ugly simplicity to Black Bug, a catchy, no-nonsense (or perhaps its all-nonsense?) ethic that permeates through their work.

The title track certainly exudes this; a scratching, grimy synth underneath a telling, sinister vocal sample that sounds like it’s been dragged through dirt. Ethereal, elusive keys provide contrast to this muddy ensemble. The EP is uncompromising in its squirmy approach and is a collection that wouldn’t go amiss on the dance floor.

'Shard of Glass' and 'Machine' follow a similar path, adding echo-laden vocals to the mix. 'Shard of Glass' in particular sounds like it’s been cut roughly, low-fi as you like. 'Machine' feels like one gigantic synth, muffled percussion and ambient vocals a distant memory when compared to the dragging keys in front of them.

The lyrics are mostly short, sharp and utterly fuzzy and indistinct; yet inevitably fit the context of the EP. Lines like ‘They all look like rats from up here’ are self- explanatory. All tracks get straight to their point and then disappear as quickly as they have arrived, something that definitely contributes to the overall feeling they give off. A more upbeat, less misanthropic version of //Tense// springs to mind. Definitely worth listening to.