Label: Cooking Vinyl Release date: 30/03/09 Official website It’s guaranteed to make you want the Pixies again. No, not some shitty cover or even some promised demi-reunion. It’s another Frank Black solo album that could have been made into good Pixies songs. Under his original Black Francis moniker, eleven songs dealing with sin and fucking called Nonstoperotik is presented, and sadly it falls on its face from the opening gun. By the end all you'll wonder is why. By no means would this be a bad album if it wasn’t so chock full of hackneyed riffs and bad jokes (‘When I Go Down On You’ is a song title – seriously, Mr. Francis?). Instead of the typical and powerful buildup and delivery expected from the Black one, instead it’s a tepid affair that would be better suited as a bonus disc to the low key yet satisfying Honeycomb album. But even next to the alt-Americana present on that album, these hyper-sexed and under-emoted globs of music make up some kind of black miasmatic cloud of “meh.” Every riff appears loaded with promise, only to be shoved down into almost jokey cock-rock or banal lyrics over tepid chords. Or maybe I’m just being too hard on this because it’s a Black Francis album and should be better. Now, the rating below is not to represent this as a terrible disc, just an underwhelming one, especially considering the artist releasing it. Anybody with a history and career as full of greatness as Black’s would get the same treatment. Now where’s that new Hendrix album? Photobucket