Label: Rough Trade Link: Sometimes people can get too wrapped up in what music should be, or in worse cases, the nature of the music itself. Fun can be ok you know? Not everything is meant to be taken 100% seriously. Not to put this band down at all but I wouldn't expect them to be too downhearted with my opening paragraph. Also don't take my "fun" tag as open season for comparisons to High School Musical type bands. Blackmarket are an upbeat, catchy rock band. Not particularly groundbreaking but that's not the point. The first time I really listened to the album was on my recent flight to America. I had a whole CD case full of albums I needed/wanted/had to listen to and this was the first album that popped out at me. Starting with the fiery and infectious 'Magic Tricks' and continuing on through to the ridiculosuly catchy song 'Sheila', my seatbelt was all that was keeping me back from dancing in the asiles. Well that and my general fear of flying. I tend to assume the "sit tight and hold onto anything close by" method when cruising the clouds. Unfortunately they lose their way until track seven 'Remote (Control Freak)' enters. It's hard to pinpoint exactly who they sound like on this track but damn is it good. This song gets followed by my highlight of the album 'Bad Call'. It's got everything you would want from a rock song. It's loud, heavy, got a damn good chorus and is over before you know it. That pretty much sums up this record to be honest. The bad tracks aren't really all that bad, they just tend to lack that certain something. As for the good songs, they're just that. Good. Not spectaluar. Just good. Can Blackmarket keep making records like this and make it big? I'm not sure. But they certainly shouldn't feel disapointed by this release. Quite the opposite. Rating: 6.9/10