The Bleached blueprint is a familiar one. For those who don't know, they're a duo of sisters from California, Jennifer and Jessie Clavin who formerly peddled their wares in punk band Mika Miko. Their new project on paper, looks a very similar proposition to summery 60s girl group style pop we've come to expect from Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast and more recently, Haim. But from the off, Ride Your Heart scuppers these rather thin comparisons with an obvious and essential punk influence that gives the sisters that bit more substance and songwriting nouse.

The whole album is a well-oiled exercise in melody, and effortless cool. Single 'Next Stop' bops along buoyantly, reminiscent largely of 70s punk stalwarts Buzzcocks and The Slits with the simplicity behind the wholly catchy melody and the nonchalant "Next stop kissing you goodbye, next stop tears in your eyes" chorus. 'Outta My Mind' adds a more psychedelic twist with its languidness and air of un-phased philosophising.

There's not a huge amount of variety on Ride Your Heart in the way the songs are structured. Bleached fully revel in simplicity behind their melody and wholly relatable lyrics about love and loss, strung together on that popular 70s punk type aesthetic. Songs like 'Dead Boy' and 'Dead In Your Head' pack some of the catchiest choruses you'll hear all year, and sound like instant classics, at least in a world where Bleached are widely recognised. Most importantly, the album packs a rebellious spirit otherwise absent from the likes of the more soulless nostalgia by numbers peddled by the likes of Haim.

For lovers of big pop choruses with more rebellious and ambitious undertones, Ride Your Heart is a solid body of infectious tracks. The basics of vocal, guitar, bass, drums are simple in essence, but thrilling in practice across the record and deserve recognition for a successful reinterpretation of nostalgia that doesn't sound too hackneyed.