Trawling the great expanse of new music these days can prove tiresome. Why do so many of us spend hours listening to things that inevitably we will no doubt never listen to again in a years time? Why do we listen to something we first took as bad twice? We listen to make sure it was bad. We listen to make sure we know the bad inside and out, so that when something truly wonderful comes along, we can enjoy it all the more so. With so many bands out there which are part x, part y, Bleeding Heart Narrative undoubtedly fall into this category. Their many parts consist of The National, Arcade Fire, Bjork, Los Campesinos, and a whole host of other bands, yet it all comes together to make something which is 100% fresh, truly original, amazing, and 100% Bleeding Heart Narrative.

Bleeding Heart Narrative have been on the music scene for a while, making familiar sounds, brooding soundscapes with brazen electronica, swirling strings, crashing percussion and folk-esque vocals, but here, on their Bison EP, their large variety of various sounds all come together to form a cohesive whole that is thoroughly enchanting. From the confident opening of Shoals to the tentative beats echoed from the start of EP closer ‘Not The Bees My Eyes’, everything here screams that this is a band ready to unleash a developed sound upon the whole world. Whereas before vocal lines in Bleeding Heart Narrative’s songs were perhaps ushered with a note of uncertainty, here they lend themselves wholly to the entire feel of the whole EP.

‘Shoals’ opens up their EP and sets their stall confidently with acute guitars sprinkled with the drifting vocal lines which crop up throughout the length of the collection. This leads us onto the brilliantly named ‘HAL Passes The Turing Test’, which showcases the ability for the band to mesh together their various influences into something decidedly fresh. ‘Mysterious Cults’ pounds its way through its seven minutes-plus running time, leading us along with a bounding pace and carefree feel. Think a mix of ‘Wake Up’ by Arcarde Fire and ‘Mr. November’ by The National. Then think that worked really well and you find yourself dancing round your house whenever it comes on. ‘Ghost Cats Disappear Into The Night’ is a more experimental piece, a stripped back, ambience filled number, yet somehow it manages to feel completely at home, given the variety of sound on offer here. Finally, the EP kicks into ‘Not The Bees My Eyes’ which evokes the endings of many NES games as it starts with a simple MIDI melody, but then the strings come in and take over the tune, and as the vocals kick in a minute into the track, you’ll find it incredibly hard not to be completely won over by this band.

As my first listen to this EP came to ‘Not The Bees My Eyes’, it truly became apparent that this band had already won over my heart. It’s extremely hard to differentiate yourselves from the rest of the ‘waiting to breakthrough’ music out there, but here is a brave effort that rewards its listeners with something amazing. Bleeding Heart Narrative’s EP may be the most exciting thing to come out of the UK in recent years. Quite a bold claim, of that I am well aware, but this thing has the power to delight at every turn, and it would be a huge shame not to listen to this raw and powerful EP, as you may be missing out on your new favourite band.