Oliver Barrett's collective Bleeding Heart Narrative's latest single 'Perun' balances the electronic and the orchestral succinctly. Opening with the almost flatline sound of a monotone synth, he and his cohort of musicians who feature; layer shuffling beats, the buzzing of cello strings, a muted clapping of symbols and repeated lyrics to create a rich cloak of sound both gothic and strangely hopeful.

Launching the single at Union Chapel's Daylight Music event on the 11th December and playing with additional string players, the recording successfully captures the grandeur of these sounds when brought to life. Their's is a sonic creation that is epic and symphonic.

The lyrics, while sparse enough to remain a little shrouded in mystery, contemplate a superior and infinite being: 'Perun' in fact referring to a semi-forgotten god from Slavic mythology. Smartly coupling the thick sounds and intricate riffs upon which these words are layered serves to compliment the majestic figure depicted; though while the lyrics, almost a poetic verse, give some hint as to the tale, it is the instrumentation that more deftly captures the awe, terror and mystery inspired by this mythical figure.