Label: Tartaruga Records Release date: (21/09/09) Website: URL Tongue Tied Hair is the new album by the evocatively titled Bleeding Heart Narrative. With a name like that it’s difficult not to have a few preconceptions about the band, but thankfully they’re a little more 65 Degrees of Static and less Hawthorne Heights. Bleeding Heart Narrative is the solo project of the multi-talented (he drew the album cover himself) Oliver Barrett. He’s a fearless sound-explorer roping in other musicians to play a whole host of instruments which I won’t embarrass myself by trying to name, but unlike other instrumental bands he doesn’t follow the usual quiet intro and then midway exploding guitar/drum combo, instead treating his instruments more gently and with more sensitivity. The first track ‘At The End Of It All’ feels like a four and a half minute intro, a whisper and light clattering of symbols is the only break from the relentless organ drone. Lots has been made about the clearer vocal presence on this album compared to earlier efforts by the band, but in tracks like ‘Colours Turn Colours’, the lyrics are barely audible and instead the voice ads just another murmuring layer to the innumerable instruments used on Tongue Tied Hair. Easily the best song on the album, ‘Tilted The Wall’ opens with a cello and genuinely sounds like a classical song before developing into an eerie echoing. It perversely reminds me of one of the many string orchestras that cover songs by Fall Out Boy and the likes, but instead of taking classical instruments and covering pop punk classics Barrett shows a greater understanding of genres, effortlessly merging sounds from different ones to create something entirely different. I’ve decided that trying to push Bleeding Heart Narrative into a genre so that we can tag this blog post is beyond my journalistic capacities. They’re a touch Beirut, a bit of Arcade Fire, some M83, but most importantly pretty bloody good. Rating: 8/10