Anybody who has heard 2008's critically acclaimed Furr knows that Blitzen Trapper are aren't always your traditional country rock band. When that album was released it was a regular on my ipod, and not particularly comparable to anything else on said ipod. They are one of those bands who have made an album I love, but for whatever reason I have never really pushed on from that and looked further into their back catalogue. This theme continued when I missed last year's Destroyer of the Void completely. When I saw them on the promo list I therefore had no hesitation in putting in a claim to review this, their sixth album.

The first thing I noticed listening to American Goldwing for the first time was some of that experimental, lo-fi sound that was present on Furr seems to have disappeared. This sounds a lot more like the sort of thing you'd expect to hear playing in a roadside diner on Route 66 (do they play country on Route 66? You know what I mean though…). 'Love The Way You Walk Away' couldn't be more traditional country if you tried with the voice and tinges of sadness in the lyrics ticking every box for Country Music 101. When it is followed up the harmonica opening of 'Your Crying Eyes' there doesn't seem to be any escaping. But then something happens. About thirty seconds into the track a bit of electronica comes in. It's like line dancing for the 21st century.

Throughout the album there are odd speckles and drops that take it away from the norm in places. They leave as quickly as they come though and ultimately this ends up being an album with more points that I'm ambivalent about than excited. The exact opposite of Furr. By no means a bad album, and perhaps much closer to the band's roots, but it doesn't quite do it for me. It doesn't have the feeling of Ryan Adams, the humour of Beck or the roughness of Seasick Steve. Maybe those comparisons are unfair but that's the thought I can't get out of my head when listening to American Goldwing.