Label: Secretly Canadian Released: March 9 Johannesburg band BLK JKS are an odd prospect. On first listen I was sure I had them pegged as a TV on the Radio wannabe band with a little foreign flavor to keep audiences interested. However as I listened more I soon realized there was far more to them than just pretenders. I have to admit I was surprised when I found out that BLK JKS were from South Africa, the music is incredibly western sounding to my ears, although I am sure that a few instruments from their home country have made their way into the mix. Opening track Lakeside begins with delicately plucked strings before the drum and bass style beat comes in, quickly followed by gospel singing. The song slowly builds from there before a slinky guitar solo works it's way into the mix. The rest of the EP manages to mix in elements of trip-hop, afro beat, ska, and a chorus that wouldn't sound out of place on an album by Genesis. As an opening statement this is a fine one and I have no doubt that when BLK JKS make it over to these shores they will already have quite a following and what will undoubtley be an interesting live show.