Label: Secretly Canadian Release date: 14/06/10 Link: Myspace After their much lauded album, After Robots, Blk Jks (pronounced Black Jacks) return with the hotly anticipated Zol!, a 5 track, 25 minute EP full of the stuff we love ‘em for – dark, Kyp Malone-esque vocals with afrobeat and bass ridden backing and a beautiful sound straight out of hometown Johannesburg. Opening with the stunning 'Iietys', we are immediately shown why every reviewer under the sun has compared them to TV on the Radio. We are given a track that is more pulsing than anything Sitek et al. do, but when Lindani Buthelezi starts up his falsetto, it is almost impossible not to compare him to Kyp Malone circa 'Return to Cookie Mountain' or Rain Machine. This floats nicely into Bogobe which opens with Molefi Makananise’s thudding bass and Buthelezi and Mpumi Mcata’s guitar work before building up into a Yeasayer jam, a la 'All Hour Cymbals'. We are given a song here that rolls through a building beat and a landscape of noise that is a masterpiece of atmospheric music. This then pushes into Makananise’s bass and Tshepang Ramoba’s drums opening up a funky afrobeat rhythm under the name of 'Zol!', one of the best songs on here. This is real summer music, inspired in part by Top Deck style ska and traditional African music and a fantastic vocal harmony that sticks in your head for hours. 'Paradise' then follows, which is unlike anything else on this album – a roaring epic sound that defies any classification – bits of it sound very much like Yeasayer again (especially Buthelezi’s vocals) to almost Muse proportions of epic (but in a good way) and into a massive crescendo. This pushes on into the tribal beat sounding 'Mzabalazo', a high spead, heavy beat song with the impressive Buthelezi’s vocals sounding like Neville Staples at his best, and rising up into a beautiful beat. This EP will soundtrack your summer if you let it; a truly fantastic piece of work that will not disappoint. Photobucket