I've never really liked Bloc Party. When the media were creaming their pants at the release of Silent Alarm I sat listening and hearing nothing new, they had borrowed most of their sound from 80's Post-Punk bands and some DC Hardcore bands and watered it down. Kele's vocals left me cold as well. Apart from single Banquet which would normally inspire me to get up on the dancefloor if it ever came on in a club. Having 'done a Radiohead', as I believe is the parlance now for releasing an album online with little or no pre-warning, and releasing new album Intimacy last month Bloc Party have once again come up on my radar. I listened with mounting horror to first single Mercury and wondered what the hell they were trying to attempt with this complete change in direction, clearly they didn't want to continue to release album after album of similar sounding music, which sounded fucking awful to my ears. New single Talons is a slight improvement on Mercury but it still fails to impress me. This style of music is being made by bands with far more talent, namely the wonderful Errors from Glasgow who are far more worthy of your attention.