Bon Iver's, a.k.a Justin Vernon, name derives from the french Bon Hiver which translates to Good Winter. It certainly seems Vernon has put a lot of effort into naming his latest project, as it sums up the solitude in his music so well. But that's not to say it's all doom and gloom. Granted the vast majority of this record is just Vernon's vocals alongside an acoustic guitar but we occasionally catch a flicker of sunlight through the window with a slightly richer arrangement. The brass on For Emma...being a great example.

This release will appeal to anyone that likes acoustic folk in the same vein as Sam Beam (Iron and Wine) and will fit nicely into those summer evenings spent with friends.

For Emma, Forever Ago can quite easily be compared to being dropped in the middle of the forest with no directions back home.

Put simply it sounds a lot like isolation.