All photos by Ken Grand-Pierre.

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AndraDay-1 BrysonTiller-1 CHVRCHES-2 CHVRCHES-3 Daughter-1 DeathCab-2 DeathCab-4 DSC00118 DSC00378 DSC00395 DSC00413 DSC01423 DSC01732 DSC04604 DSC04883 DSC05737 DSC05809 DSC07367 DSC07729 DSC08055 DSC10040 DSC10041 EllieGoulding-6 EllieGoulding-7 FatherJohnMisty-5 FatherJohnMisty-7 GraceMitchell-1 Haim-3 Haim-8 Halsey-2 Hinds-3 HundredWaters-1 JCole-1 JCole-5 LCDSoundsystem-2 LCDSoundsystem-7 M83-1 Miguel-4 NataliePrass-2 PurityRing-3 PurityRing-5 RomanGianArthur-2 StLucia-2 SunflowerBean-1 SwimDeep-2 TameImpala-4 The-Arkells-1 Zolawolf-3