Label: Count Your Lucky Stars Release Date: Out Now Website: On the surface theres nothing particuarly special about the latest release from Long Beach alternative/lo-fi/pop band Boris Smile. You've got a band that are comfortable with what they do, so they keep doing it. Nothing wrong with that right? Well to be honest it's not the sort of EP thats going to have you reaching out of your window, shouting at the top of your voice "I LOVE MUSIC!" to anyone that will listen but It's just not that sort of EP. Like a fine wine it requires room to breathe before any sort of appreciation can take place. On first listen it was certainly interesting enough for me to want to explore it more and I'm glad I did because soon enough I started to reap the benefits of my extended sessions. Ok, the Beartooth EP isn't exactly a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, if we're going back to wine comparisons, but more like th £5 pound bottle of wine you bought at an off license at 12am which ends up being much better than you expected. This is mainly down to the tenderness of A. Wesley Chung's vocals, and the amazing arrangements on songs like 'Tut Tut'. Rating: 6/10