Venue: Brighton Audio Date: 23/11/10 I’ve always seen Born Ruffians as a rugged version of Vampire Weekend, with their energetic guitar licks and quick drum beats, I went with the expectation of a highly charged gig. I was semi correct; the band came onto the stage to the sound of chants and declarations of love. Always nice to hear, and this coupled with the bands ability to interact with the crowd made for a pleasant atmosphere. Even when the drummer fell off his stool mid song, they were able to keep composed and recover smoothly with some good old fashioned crowd banter. The reaction of the crowd was a mixture, the general consensus was enthused dancing and head bobbing with only the slight exception of the occasional hipster refusing to move - but they would be too cool to move away from a volcano right? The front of the crowd were a damn sight rowdier, the intricacy and life in the riffs reflected straight back into their jumping and energy, which is the way it should have been throughout the whole venue, but I suppose that rarely happens... at least the majority were getting into it, especially when the classics 'Hummingbird' and 'I Need Life' came on. The catchy chorus of 'i need life' never fails to incite chanting and dancing, an overall good feeling takes over. Often in these smaller venues they completely fuck up the bass levels, but not this gig, in fact the bass was a complete asset to the band. Usually it disappears into the background, but Mitch brought it to life – his bass solo kicked ass. Fair cop to the lead singer, who unfortunately had a few vocal cord issues, which possibly explained his reserved nature. He 'battled' on, producing clear cut vocals which sounded just like the studio albums, I love it when artists can produce quality vocals live, and his voice is like liquid gold. I literally could listen to it all day. As for the set, it was pretty straight up, drawing from both Say It and Red, Yellow and Blue albums, unfortunately a few favourites were missed off due to Lukes vocal cords - but they didn’t let that detract from the gig at all. The crowd reacted to the mood of every song, and I was quite impressed with their ability to replicate the studio sound live.