There are many places to stay and to see in summer that are not ammonia-washed beaches damped in cheap foreign beer. One of them is Glasgow, city of a great range of music shows and upcoming bands, where we had the opportunity to meet Bosnian Rainbows and talk with them about what you should be worried about.

What's your vision of the world nowadays and how has it influenced your album?

Teri Gender Bender: We should start off with our diet, with food. When we are touring we talk about how people eat when they're on a constant move. We try to eat as healthy as possible. Tonight, for instance, we had a veggie wrap and it was full of something similar to fried flour, as this veggie wrap was deep fried, so we were like "wow, no way"! So I think the consciousness we have about what we eat affects our music directly. Well, everything is polluted really: music, cinema…

What is the future of Bosnian Rainbows?

Omar Rodríguez-López: Everything is haphazard and based on what happens in life. Music is always happening for us. When we feel like touring Europe, we arrange this, or even the USA. There isn't a concrete plan. We don't have more goals apart from touring and play music. So life this way happens easily. We know that we all like traveling around the world, so if we're offered tours and shows, we accept, go and play and, as Teri says, we try to make sure that we can eat well.

Teri: Without health, there's nothing left! It can change all your plans.

What's your opinion of the music industry nowadays?

Omar: It is what it is… Less talent, more politics… Maybe the best example is that stage show called The Producers. You know, that show where they make a really awful show but it's a bomb and it does really well.

Nicci Kasper: You can bring in as much with a bomb as you can with a good quality act.

Omar: They can make more money pushing awful shows on people. That's what we're at.

Nicci: Remember that quote at that door in London: 'The Music Industry is the place where thieves and liars thrive and good men die like dogs'.

Omar: I've seen that quote before and there's a longer version that says 'and there's a downside too'.


Omar: Also the digital revolution, technology and internet has made the industry completely necessary now in order to be an artist. The first wave was like 'wow, anybody can make a record now', so the artist was free from the major record label and they could pursue their interests as artists. But the bad side about that is that now anyone can make a record. Therefore, they're not being special. So the talented people, some person in Glasgow or in Iowa, who might be talented, is being drowned out by a sea of nonsense. So now that talented person needs a machine in order to pump money into it so he or she can be risen above the noise and go "Oh look! That's worth paying attention to. Yes, it is, isn't it?"

Bosnian Rainbows pulls off a performance that opens different meanings for their songs. Their music spins in that zone of your mind between what's categorizable and what's not, where you're faced with just yourself.

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