Label: Western Vinyl Release date: 15/11/10 Link: Myspace Feeling Today is the debut EP by Spencer Stephenson released under his Botany moniker. A collection of blissful electronic sounds, this is one of those albums that induces all sorts of visuals right from the moment you first listen to it. Psychedelic, warm and in many places euphoric, Feeling Today is one of those releases that sounds best when all five tracks are listened to in one. That is not to say the songs themselves are weak, though. ‘Minnow Theme’ for example, has a great little marching rhythm propelling the song along with the addition of looped echoed vocals transforming an ordinary experimental release into a beautiful song, whilst the more dub-influenced ‘Waterparker’ harks back to the early releases of Animal Collective. To comment too much on the tracks would be missing the point – played in one go is when you’ll find this record at its best. I must admit this is not the type of music I would usually listen to, often finding it hard to get into things that require patience and dedication to just purely listening, but once you get there, this is a wonderfully beautiful and relaxing record. Yes, the samples, layers and overdubs might be out in force but Stephenson has clearly put so much time, planning and thought into the arrangement and it is truly staggering what he has achieved. What Feeling Today does is show that music made on laptops doesn’t have to be inaccessible and rigid-sounding; it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but regardless Stephenson should be commended for releasing a record that will at the very least change a few perceptions. Photobucket