There will always be 'nice' pop bands won't there. The type that are just that and nothing more. The type that make us almost fall in love with the notoriously umbrella'd genre of pop. Boy are one of those… on the surface. Comparisons to the likes of Leslie Feist and Chairlift are rather inescapable listening to the Swiss-German duo's debut album Mutual Friends. Light and simplistic melodies throughout, as expected, but Mutual Friends doesn't half repeat itself.

Take the perfect rhythmic build-up of Phoenix and add Feist-like sweet soft vocals and opening track 'This is The Beginning' verges on pop-perfection, in theory. One issue; this perfection could only be achieved under serious editing. Cut out the extra 50 'this is the beginning…' (we get the picture) and shorten it by 2 minutes, and that is Boy's potential. Its not that Mutual Friends is a bad album at all, its not like Boy have failed to meet the 'nice pop' minutes quota, but fail to make interesting music, they do. I find myself fast forwarding profusely with this album, searching for a glimmer of excitement, only to find a mid-song, mid-album spectacular (comparatively, anyway), in the form of 'Railway'. Only slight yet impeccably stylish layered orchestral sound echoes that of Phoenix and yet still clings to Boy's femme-pop mood. It may be just another slight glimpse of what Boy can be, but these glimpses appear across the album. 'Little Numbers' stompy piano almost tributes Regina Spektor, whilst track 'Boris' sweetly saunters with its laid back bluesy pleas.

With Mutual Friends, it appears that Boy have just jumbled elements of other artists and claimed it as their own. So this may not be fair to say, but there isn't much original about the band. Most tracks are easily comparable with other artists, and perhaps a little too much. Boy may not make the impact they wish for with this album, but they may just creep along on the success of association with these others. Mutual Friends doesn't exactly offer the best lyrical extravaganzas or bring a new, experimental side to pop, but it sits pretty as the type of music that is soon to appear advertising apple products. Nothing harmful, but a bit too harmless for a debut.