Release Date: 02/03/09 Label: Fat Cat

There is a very fine area in the music world that is tricky to land on, that is the hybrid of music which is both fun and actually decent. Get it wrong as many a band have done, and it can be frankly embarrassing and messy, like an awkward, fumbling teenage sexual encounter. Get it right, and you have Brakes. For Brakes have not only touched upon this tiny strip of heavily-fortified land of synergy, they have conquered and smashed their way through without mercy. The 'Super-group's last release was Beatific Visions back in 2006, having taken a break after touring constantly for 5 years, but now sees the explosive and welcome return. Hey Hey is the first single off their third album Touchdown, due for release on April 20th, although their first album under the Fat Cat label to which they are now signed.

Clocking in at a typical 2:20, the short-sharp punchy effect is a continuation from where Brakes left us, before their… well... break. The bombastic crunch of guitars slices through swiftly and satisfies immensely, of similar ilk to previous single Ring-a-ding-ding. One fickle criticism perhaps is the lacking an absolute definitive quotable lyric of which they are renound for, up there with the cutting tinder-dry humour of Mclusky-isms. How anyone could top the 7-second “Cheney Cheney Cheney Cheney Cheney Cheney Cheney don’t be such a dick” is beyond me. Though that is made up with through sheer energy and Eamon Hamilton’s screaming melodic vocals, summed up best with bronchioles bleeding in “Hey Hey, It’s a Tarzan day… Brrrrrrrraaaa!”.

The result leads to a craving for the forthcoming album, and never a one for subtlety, Brakes promise “Touchdown is the fucking zenith of civilisation, it will make your jaw drop further than the Dow Jones in 2008, this album fucking shreds like an Enron paper shredder, it is A-fucking-stounding, yeah.” Try arguing with that. Dare you.