DJ-Kicks continues to push out the finest mixes from some of the most relevant artists and producers in the electronic music world, and the latest offering comes courtesy of German trio Brandt Brauer Frick.

As is customary for a DJ-Kicks mix, an exclusive track from the artist behind the release made especially for the mix features, and for Brandt Brauer Frick it's the splashy 'Hugo' sitting between Jam City's 'How We Relate To The Body' and Machinedrum's 'Now U Know Tha Deal 4 Real'.

"I definitely think the mix shows a different side of us," says Paul Frick, one third of the trio. "I think people will be surprised. Some songs are certainly very different from what we do, things we would love to express, but can't or don't want to do it the way it's done in these songs. But actually you can hear a lot of elements that are similar to something we did or will do, but in our songs we mostly look for different sound aesthetics and would combine that element with something else. And the switch between 4/4 kicks and more broken beats is something we do a lot, on our records and on this mix."

Paul's right, the mix is definitely captivating in its ability to shift seamlessly from a chugging house beat to something more off kilter during the one hour and fifteen minute duration of the mix.

Another endearing quality of the eclectic forty-eighth edition of DJ-Kicks is that it also harbours a few tasty exclusives from the likes of Dollkraut, Parental Control, James Braun & Troels Abrahamsen, Glenn Astro, Cosmin TRG and Brandt Brauer Frick themselves.

BBF's effort may not be anything ground breaking, but if you're looking for a solid mix to vibe out to, this could be just the ticket.