Brightblack Morning Light, Motion to rejoin.  Go and ask Mr Hofmann for some of that good stuff and swim to the center of the ocean to watch the ripples upon its surface twinkle as stars shine.  Let the ocean be the hug of infinities embrace, and let the sun kiss your soul with each sunbeam expelled from its very own heart... You are almost there... Brightblack Morning Light, based now out of New Mexico, consists of the duo Rachael (Raybob) Hughes and Nathan (Nabob) Shineywater, two spirits on the path to oneness who personify this journey within their music.  Psychedelic folk-rock is the genre, feel good spiritual vibes is the outcome. With the inclusion of solitudinal sweeping mountain vistas moulded into their already cadent southern sound, absconded from their Alabamian roots, BML truly resound through blurred heat trails and dusty desert roads into your ears and throughout your entire being. The album was recorded through an anti-nuclear and anti-coal mindset and recorded in its entirety with four solar panels in the middle of no place, this gives an incredibly natural aura to an already natural feeling sound, and very relevant to the track titled 'Friends Of Time'.  'Friends of Time' opens with an ancient feel of Mississippi slide blues melodies quickly morphing into a semi-samba, semi-ska sonnet with flares from musical genres not even invented yet.  Nabob and Raybob's entwined harmonies breed images of the kind of place I want to live, rhythmical, soft, serene, earthy. This pertains to the majority of 'Motion To Rejoin', from its tiny tiny intro, to the behemoth known as 'A Rainbow Aims'.  A ten minute spirit fest of shamanic undertones and a cacophony of inspired interludes with blissed-out harmonies to loose yourself within. One may notice how removed they are from time and track number whilst experiencing this album, but although the slow meander of this record can lead to a misplaced sense of space and time, it is in no way monotonous, more that it is one narrative gently flowing and distorting reality so underpinned by a sense of spirit, that it leads your own spirit into a meditation reminiscent of the womb with surround sound and a cloud for a pillow. If you wish to learn to just 'BE', then sit back and feel, don't even listen, just feel what this album has to offer.  Let those blurry images become apparitions of futures peace, visions of a more mellow tomorrow. Five out of Five - A must listen for all.