If you've been at a Kate Nash show lately, there's a good chance you've seen Brigitte Aphrodite, and frankly you'd remember her. Comfortably nestled in the cleavage of music and comedy, she rules a world of her own creation: part Ziggy Stardust, part Victoria Wood. Brigitte has acted as tour support for Nash over the last couple of months, and by all accounts has been bowling over unsuspecting audiences left, right and centre.

'I Dream Myself Awake' is her debut single on Kate Nash's new Have 10p label, and it's something of a masterstroke by Nash, who makes the perfect patron. While fans of Nash will find familiarity in Brigitte's modern suburban folk tales, there's a hint of the macabre about her that stands her out as more than Just Another Nash-a-like; and while her roots as a one-woman acoustic comedy show are still recognisable, she has since effortlessly morphed into a glitter-clad punk poet. Neither the single nor its b-side 'Miss Hedonistic' could outrightly be called comic, and it's a bold move. There are strands of the humorous throughout, but there's a clear intention in these choice of tracks to establish Brigitte as an honest musician and songwriter as much as anything else.

There's a tension between Brigitte's dreamy demeanour and her dark imagery that makes for compelling listening. "I like you, that's why I scream and claw and sigh", she sings in her proud Bromley patter. But at its heart, 'I Dream Myself Awake' is as joyful a three-minute punk-pop nugget as you can imagine, recalling prime Elastica or Blur, and the confident wordplay and mouthy attitude give the song just enough edge to maintain interest far beyond your average throwaway pop tune. The chorus - yelps, handclaps and all - has an especially annoying habit of repeating on you for days after a listen. Even the artwork is awesome. If you could draw up a pop checklist, Brigitte Aphrodite would tick every box, then draw rude pictures in the margins. Back-flipping along the tightrope between mirth and sincerity, as performing paradoxes go, they don't come more spectacular than this.

The single launch for 'I Dream Myself Awake' is at St Pancras Old Church, London, NW1 1UL on Monday 18th April. Tickets available here.