Label: Gronland Release Date: 15/02/10 Website: Myspace This is the first full length release from Broadcast 2000 aka Joe Steer: classical music graduate and multi-intrumentalist. Steer began recording songs back in Devonshire as a teenager and continued to pursue his talent upon moving to North London when he released the Building Blocks EP in 2008. Contributing to London's promising young folk scene which includes artists such as Laura Marling, Jay Jay Pistolet and Stars of Sunday League; Steer has filtering in helping hands (and string and bow) from fellow folkies including Tom Hobden, violinist with Noah and the Whale, on this latest release. The instrumentation is fantastic and the sound is somehow conversely sparse yet rich. Some ability this guy has to retain that "just recorded on a 4 track in my bedroom" sound whilst at the same time incorporating a good six or seven instruments with perfect clarity. Steer did declare wanting this record to sound as if he had crammed a whole orchestra into his room...In anycase at least he managed a double bass, cello, guitar, ukulele, glockenspiel and percussion all played and recorded by himself. Modest vibes from this LP are really its selling point. There is neither smugness or over-exertion in the vocals, which are nothing special at all, and through this Steer really lets the music do the talking as the chattering strings of violin and cello are answered by glockenspiels and the twinkiling of xylophones. Clocking in at just over 30 minutes it's a short little masterpiece, with beautifully constructed songs: mini symphonies bringing to mind Sufjan Stevens' sound stranded in the Devonshire countryside. Lovely stuff. Photobucket