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While simple is often better, there is such a thing as too simple. There is a very fine line between effective minimalism and the easily missed, a line that Broken Twin unfortunately crosses too often on May. This is not to say that Broken Twin's music is bad. Indeed, the vocals are undeniably beautiful and master that hallmark of solo female singer/songwriting - painful honesty. It's just too easily forgettable, often as a result of instrumentation that fails to match the same sincerity and beauty of the singer.

While Majke Voss Romme often shares the same vocal prowess as the likes of Natasha Khan, what makes Bat for Lashes a success is instrumentation that is genuinely interesting and acts as a complimentary addition to a powerful voice. This is where May falls down. Album opener, 'The Aching', attempts to use minimalist piano to back the vocals, but sounds out of tune and off-key until a string section thankfully comes to save the day. A similar problem persists on 'River Raining', where electric guitar struggles to find a place around the singer, leaving the feeling that the vocals and instrumentation are fighting for the limelight.

Having said that, when these two elements do see eye to eye they can produce something quite special. 'Sun Has Gone's piano line has a nursery rhyme-like quality which somehow complements what is quite a gloomy track lyrically. Romme's talent as a wordsmith is also never in question, as lyrically 'May' regularly makes up for its flaws elsewhere. Often focusing around memory and loss, the lyrics possess an honesty often void of metaphor that cuts deep and has tear-jerking potential as a result. 'Out of Air' is about struggling to be steadfast with your emotions and effectively inspires empathy in the listener, a feature that is characteristic of much of the record.

Unfortunately, however, it is the lack of cohesion between music and voice that remains the most prominent feature of the album and its biggest stumbling point; leaving May a disappointing effort from an artist that we know can do better.

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