Evening Tapestry is a psychedelic pop record with an aura of nostalgia. Groups such as Brown Recluse aren't common in the contemporary pop landscape, their sound reminiscent to the likes of The Flaming Lips and The Beach Boys. Although this is a record that would sound much more prominent fifty years ago, similar bands such as Tame Impala have revelled in compliments left right and centre over the past year - so their sound isn't completely dated.

Brown Recluse is a very orchestral band, making the most of their six person line-up to experiment with all sorts of quirky instruments. Atypical melodies and sluggish tempos recur throughout the LP. The lyrics throughout Evening Tapestry suggest the Philadelphia based group are very much in touch with nature, with constant references to weather and scenery. Storytelling with heavy use of metaphors offers at times deep and powerful descriptive versus; although the lack of instrumental diversity and short track length can leave the listener at points lost and confused.

'Monday Moon' is the stand out track on the album, reinforcing the LP's theme, "I went out, for a ride, to feel the wind against my skin". The track stands out from the rest of the album due to its chord change mid-way through the song, following the lyric "tapestry that came to be was woven by the spiders in your mind". The instruments adopt a temporarily less jubilant melody that works perfectly with the vocals, a grand demonstration of how traditional instruments can evoke mood and atmosphere.

As a psychedelic pop record, Evening Tapestry is solid and interesting. The nostalgic vibes throughout are brilliantly executed, but a contemporary twist could really transform Brown Recluse from a good band, into a good band with relevancy. Although there are a couple of tracks that stand out, the general theme and melodies persist throughout the whole record. The musical combination that Brown Recluse have chosen is a good one, but by the end of a full-length it becomes somewhat tedious and uninspiring. For psychedelic rock fans this is a must-listen record, but for those of us craving a record with insight and forward thinking vibrations, Evening Tapestry isn't the most outrageous.