Label: Only Gone Records Release Date: Out Now

Four Euros. That’s precisely Three pounds and Fifty-Eight pence. Well at the time of writing, it may well be worth just Eight pence now, or possibly we’ve resorted to purchasing items with chewed-up saliva-drenched buttons instead as they’re deemed more valuable. Idiotic economy musings aside, the point being that this is what you, delightful reader, can pick-up (okay, download) the new album by Burning Codes. The self-titled album was originally released in October of last year, to a very muted, but delightful reception; A very apt description for Burning Codes as it transpires. The solo project of Belfast-born Paul Archer, the album features support from a few artists/friends including Ian Archer of Snow Patrol.

As soon as one hears the sound of Burning Codes it is immediate just how unique the experience is. Listening is the equivalent of taking a cool, crisp gasp of air on a white winter’s morning, still in your pyjamas of course and steaming cup of tea; The freshness, intertwined with something astonishing comforting. The layered vocals are breathtakingly gentle with hints of mellow gospel even, reaching high notes and full of distant background ‘Ooos’ and ‘Aaahs’, bearing a resemblance to the haunting vocal stylings of now defunct indie outfit Kubb.

Light is Coming is particularly soulful in this respect; the slow pace a perfect antidote to the hustle of life, and to the fast, rushed pace of the music industry in general. Ethereal throughout the albums entirety and evident also in its lyrics, All Your Feeling arguably epitomises this best. Latter-day Spiritualized is the closest comparison, a glowing tribute to Burning Codes.

After listening, it is oddly fairly hard to pick out and remember individual tracks. This is not necessarily a criticism at all; the similarity in style of the songs mixed in with a flowing, 'floaty' nature means the tracks seemingly blend in to one another through a journey. Akin to the feeling you get when putting down an enjoyable book, you cannot always remember certain parts and quotes, but you posses that warm feeling and knew it was all super. A grower, not the kind of album you can listen to all the time (What album can you?), it is an emotive, soulful listen that delights the body and mind when you need it most. Four Euros for inner-calm? Yes Please.


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