Noise Pop emerged last year and quickly became very successful. It was dominated mainly by American bands, with Sleigh Bells at the forefront and Japandroids also proving popular. Byrds Of Paradise are entering this popular genre, but have failed to take advantage of the opportunities available with a sound more similar to the painstaking The Subways. They claim to be influenced by punk backgrounds, but instead their music is infiltrated by and mimics an annoying pop vibe.

Byrds Of Paradise are a relatively unknown band hailing from America, yet this, their debut LP Teenage Symphonies which has been released at the same time as similar sounding music should be well-timed, with its allusions to the garage genre. This hybrid seems like an exciting breath of fresh air for 2011. Trying a mash-up is brave, and on paper is highly exciting but the execution just doesn't seem to follow through, and is not the promising start to the year we hoped for.

This is certainly not one for the more conscientious listener, nor for those used to lo-fi, and more tranquil music lovers. Instead, it appeals to the more pugnacious of us. From the first track, 'Mothlight' it is certain this is not one to put on before going to bed; it's loud, noisy and fast. It's so offensively loud and completely in your face that it can be quite difficult to sustain a first listen. But it's definitely worth pushing through this initial difficulty, as some of the driving riffs are pretty exciting, and there's some allusion to those promised punk influences. Despite this, it seems that Byrds Of Paradise revert to and rely too much on the samey and poppy, in tracks such as 'Spring' and 'Up and Around' for example, which is a shame coming from a band claiming to be something more hardcore. It simply just becomes overwhelmed by a repetitive, boring style, and does nothing to progress into something exciting fresh and new. Yes, it has appeal. No, it won't be credible within its genre.

One thing for sure - after listening to this LP I was left feeling aggressive, and disappointed at what supposed to be an exciting start to the year.