Label: Theory 8 Names Records Release date: 29/9/10 Link: Official Site 'Shanghai Cigarettes' is the first single taken from the debut album by Cailtin Rose, Own Side Now. Written after a year of writers block and signalling the end of a relationship for Rose, 'Shanghai Cigarettes' is a very vintage country song with undertones of huskyness brought in by Rayland Barter on vocals, really bringing authenticity to the single's title. Even though 'Shanghai Cigarettes' doesn't have a lot of depth, the witty lyrics set to the 'honky tonk' backing sounds of Rose's band really fits in well with the effortlessness of the song. Caitlin Rose's willingness in turning 'Shanghai Cigarettes' into something more than a break up song shines through in metaphor of cigarettes being never right for her and something Rose could never let go. Bringing together bad habits and a love gone awry. Caitlin Rose's storytelling country lyrics place you in a mind set of being in a bar, filled with smoke of course and lots of people dancing. A very easy listening single and not overtaxing on your imagination. A song that easily could have been sad and downcast is not. Caitlin Rose's single is a well likeable jaunt into supposedly dark country music and leaves you coming out dancing instead of wailing about the last pangs of a bad relationship with both love and cigarettes. Photobucket