Label: City Slang Link: Maybe it's the fact that in a month or so i'll be heading into that crazy place we call Mexico but this album really speaks to me and it really shouldn't. It's not that I don't like the band, the split they did with Iron & Wine was pretty good but on the whole I find them a bit hit & miss. Plus the fact this album is very much a worlds album it's not surprsing I wasn't expecting the best from them. As always I was very, very wrong! It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but their ability to create this kind of music and without sounding like a poor mans version of the respective genre is applaudable. Personal highlight is the opener to the album 'Victor Jara's Hands' which makes me want to down a few tequila shots and watch a bull fight! They also collaborated again with Sam Beam on 'House of Valparaiso' which is another treat! I'm a sucker for a good trumpet. Rating: 7/10