Label: Mythophonic Release date: 22/11/2009 Website: You mere mortals can't buy Thank You, Canterbury's debut album yet, but their follow-up is already done and dusted. It's even been named already. There's a debate or two in the concept of that but you have to admit it's pretty darn prolific. Actually you won't need to buy it anyway, it's set to be a free download (from here). They've been making a name for themselves by being a ferocious power and straight from the off it's obvious. 'Peace And Quiet' is incessant, the guitars and vocals compete for the front furiously. They're toeing that very helpful line of close enough to Radio One playlist whilst still being able to maintain their usual staunch followers at the same time. Take 'Hospital,' it's a stupidly catchy acoustic pop song- it's doesn't feel like Canterbury, but I can guarantee you'll be singing and tapping along. It's more at home at some night barbeque on the beach and some people will hate it, but many will guiltily enjoy the barbershop ba-ba-ooms. Whereas 'Diver' is the kind of growing beast that becomes as anthemic as it does impassioned with a jerky chorus that suits them perfectly. Every band needs a fist-clencher, Diver is theirs. 'Eleven, Twelve' is a dual-vocalled catchy pound-along that will whip crowds into raptures re-igniting all the time without even going out, powering through thumping drums and gravelly synths. Vocally it's on the edge, a trait that then saves the pop-rock of 'Take Me Out Of The Wall.' The short bursts of 'Got To Believe' and 'Accident' are aggressive and powerful, showing that sharp ragged string to their growing bow. They're touching on all the bases which on the face of it sounds like the stereotypical heavy-ish British album, but it isn't. It's a debut that leaves them room to focus on one of their many impressive angles, but with number two already finished it could well turn into Thank You Pt. II. You could argue that won't be a bad thing. Let's just hope they don't have Pigeon Detectives syndrome, eh? Rating: 8/10