So, who exactly is Joe; the character Teens of Denial - Car Seat Headrest's 11th, but first ever studio recorded album - is centred around? The official line is that he's the alter ego of Will Toledo (aka Car Seat Headrest) himself; created after Toledo Googled the then provisional album title and found some link bait on recalcitrant youth. Really though, Joe could be any jaded 20-something who has come to the realisation that, all things considered, it's actually a pretty terrifying time to be alive. Like fellow Bandcamp progenitor Frankie Cosmos, Toledo locks his gimlet eye over these crazy days and finds that, for the most part, anxiety often lurks in the minutiae.

Toledo's riffs could pass for classic rock on speed and make for a heady mix when paired up with such razor-sharp wordplay. The references here are as oblique as they are intelligent: nodding to everything from Air Jordan's to DMT, and William Onyeabor to Vincent Van Gogh, while his lyrics sheet makes for fascinating reading; harnessing angst with the right amount of self-deprecation to negate any accusations of dorm room navel-gazing ("I steer clear of graveyards, they are cliché in my death-obsessed generation") and ensure that this is not just a record for the youth - but one for the ages.