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Is there some kind of calculus behind Caribou's consistently clean and clinical electronica, and his ability to effortlessly shape-shift from one style to another live and on record?

The work of Ontario-born, London-based artist and doctor of mathematics Dan Snaith is by no means mechanical, automated or cold. His six albums to date - three as Caribou and three under the monikers of Manitoba and Daphni - are deliberate, thoughtful and sophisticated, each a key point in the development of IDM in the last ten years and Snaith's progress as a producer of genuinely cutting-edge music.

The seventh, Our Love follows the direction set out by 2010's Swim, moving further away from the composer and producer's glitch, loop and sample-based technical origins and towards a more dancefloor friendly production style, stripped of complex layers and imbued with soul.

"In the past I've enjoyed disguise and obfuscation," Snaith has said of the album, "Hiding sounds so that they're just barely poking out, whereas this time every part had to be serving a purpose or it was removed. I like the idea of presenting myself directly in front of the listener - not much reverb, not much echo, not much dissembling."

The essence of Caribou is still present, only off-kilter beats, unpredictable samples and light vocals run through multiple filters now comfortably share space with long Balearic synth lines and house-oriented basslines. The result is a warmer, empathetic and accessible sound with more reference points for the listener: downtempo French electro in 'Silver', 'Dive', and 'Back Home', Balearic and two-step on 'Julia Brightly', and kuduro, moombahton and breakbeat on 'Mars'.

Further external influences include vocals from Jessy Lanza on the pitch-bending 'Second Chance', string arrangements by longtime friend and composer Owen Pallett on 'Silver', 'All I Ever Need', title track 'Our Love', 'Julia Brightly' and 'Your Love Will Set You Free' and a return to mixing duties for David Wrench (Swim, Andorra).

Listening to Snaith's music has always been a rich and rewarding experience. There's a strong sense that Our Love is an important step in the evolution of Caribou. Whatever the formula is, it's working.

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