Label: Vertigo Release Date: 26/10/09 Website:MySpace I was confused when I searched Cassidy for some background information, before reviewing their new single ‘Night in a Box’. If you ever have the same problem, don’t be mislead – the Cassidy of this catchy pop-rock tune is not the same Cassidy who wrote ‘I’m a Hustla’ and ‘On Da Grind’ back in the days when wearing your baseball cap backwards was cool. This Cassidy is from Scotland, and it’s a band, containing members Barrie-James O'Neill, Hamish Fingland, Lewis Andrew and Chris Potter. ‘Night in a Box’ is alluring for 8 bars, when it suddenly goes more than a little bit Nickelback. The opening riff is not original, but it’s catchy. It's played in a rock style, but on an acoustic guitar which is a little unusual, but the predictable and rather too slick vocal harmonies that enter after that slightly ruin any strange edge it could otherwise have. The main voice is probably the strongest link to Nickelback, but the main voice is probably the strongest link in Nickelback, so this is not a bad thing. There is a slightly cloudy tint in Cassidy’s vocals, which is something for the ladies, no doubt – and any men who like that sort of thing, too.
After the first few bars, the song is pretty conventional in structure, melody and harmony, though it’s all done well. This style requires decent playing, and nigh on perfect production – which Cassidy have pretty much achieved. The guitars, though playing the same few chords, never miss a note. All vocal parts are perfectly sung, and synchronised. While this could be considered empty, it makes for a very catchy track. The B-side of the single is clearly intended as proof that Cassidy can do tender as well as stamp-along catchiness. A soft, undulating guitar part is pleasing, with average lyrics sung over the top in that cloudy tone. The lyrics of both tracks are pretty generic, from the “way over the hill, try see how I feel” and extended “ooh”s in ‘Night in a Box’, to the “this is where I wanna be” of ‘The Traveller’. They are easy to remember though, and I think that’s the point. Overall, this single is catchy, very radio-friendly, and in no way unpleasant. I have no strong praise for it though: it’s buy-and-put-at-the-back-of-the-cupboard music, for me. This video is the nicest version of ‘Night in a Box’ I’ve found, but that could be because you get a visual too… Rating: 6/10