Label:Brew Release date: 13/04/10 Website: Myspace Straight in then; a distorted bass line promptly followed by the drum beat gives way to vocals that veers from the stormy water of a falsetto and shipwrecks onto the rocks of jarring screams. This is the opening song for Castrovalva's debut album, We Are a Unit. A lot of screaming follows. It sounds like a less political version of Atari Teenage Riot (but with all the anarchy and energy intact) and shouting like Tweedledee on speed, Castrovalva is a hard beast to decipher, but there's no time for labels. At 26 minutes, it's one of the shortest and angriest albums you can get. What do you get for your money? Vocals switch from shouting fits (not unlike the ones from nu-metal) to falsettos (very 80s hair metal). Coupled with some pretty heavy drumming and bass playing (distorted for your listening pleasure), it makes for an energetic but tiring exercise in noise production. Oblique references to games (Half Life!) and even a small homage to Dr. Dre’s 'Deep cover' are some of the many tricks Castrovalva have under their sleeves. There might be some piss taking somewhere in a few songs (or maybe the whole thing), but it’s all in good fun. ‘We are a unit (outro)’ is anthemic for a short span generation (blame youtube!). Adequate, and the highlight of the whole album (hey, at least they went out with a classic bang!), which, needless to say, might not be for the faint of heart. Not a universal cup of tea and certainly not what you might expect from a band with this name (either fans of M.C. Escher or Peter Davison's stint in Doctor Who), but still a solid, if slightly repetitive debut. Hopefully they'll branch out a little more in the upcoming efforts, while still keeping that energy that exudates from their music. Photobucket