Label: The Hours Release date: 08/03/10 Link: Myspace Well blow me down, if I haven’t just been sent back in time to 1977 and dropped straight on to the dancefloor of Studio 54. Hang on, now I’m riding about on a white horse with Bianca Jagger and wondering why Liza Minnelli keeps disappearing off to the toilet every five minutes. Yes, folks, Disco is back! Well, for 3 mins 39 secs anyway. San Fran-ites Casxio seem to have ignored all current musical trends and have produced a disco track so pure in it’s make up that it wouldn’t seem out of place on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. ‘Seventeen’ is a bouncy, energetic little number that’s for sure, which is a surprisingly refreshing change from all the navel gazing plinky plonky airy fairy nu-folk stuff coming through at the moment (for the record, I love that navel gazing, plinky plonky airy fairy nu-folk stuff) and for what it is, it’s a good track. It’s fun. It’s funky. It’s makes you hanker for nylon, glitter and a can of hairspray. It’s just an incy wincy bit too much on the derivative side, is all. Simply put, and not wanting to sound too harsh because honestly I like the record, it is a paint-by-numbers disco tune – Funky wah wah guitar? Check. Descending xylophone scales? Check. Male falsetto? Check. It’s a shame really since their other material is a lot more edgy, original and, well, beardy. I would advise anyone listening to ‘Seventeen’ and feeling a bit ‘meh’, to go straight to their myspace page and check out their other stuff. It’s great, if a little on the ‘pastichey’ side. Particularly funky tongue-in-cheek ditty ‘I Just Want To Have Sex With You’. Not sure what the message is though… In the case of ‘Seventeen’, however, unfortunately for Casxio fellow yankee imports Scissor Sisters nailed the retro pop disco sound in the UK 5 years ago. Crying out for an edgy remix, I’m not sure that ‘Seventeen’ is original enough to make any real waves in the discotheques of 2010. Photobucket