Cat Matador's promo picture makes them look like a sinister bunch, but really their music is quiet, tempered, and softly beautiful. There is a faintly religious air in their EP's gentle tendrils of melody, which are kicked into going somewhere by the drums, and then backed up by further harmonies and a mixture of strings and electric guitar. Their Myspace-ironic self-imposed mode of "breakcore/celtic/shoegaze" is indicative of a more genre busting sound than they've achieved, but they're definitely on to something.

They are twinkly and adorable, stirring and beautiful, but not incredibly fascinating. The ecclesiastical organ gives way to choir-like harmonies in 'When Did You Go Blind?', and this is then chopped into by marching-band drumming, a subtle but precise beat, Death Cab for Cutie style. It's certainly very good, but not quite compelling enough to make you pay attention to the lyrics; you are left merely floating along with the sunlit melodies.

Their music is intricate and highly structured, but not incredibly interesting.

I can imagine this all comes together hypnotically live, as their strong touring presence suggests. It doesn't immediately grab you, but there's definitely something special there. Sadly, however, their wonderful skiffling drums and harmonies might not make them stand out massively from many other shoegazey acts. But they do summon less of a quiet-loud dynamic than an enchanting rapid-breathless one. They clearly have more to say, they just haven't said it yet.