"A coalition of inescapable feelings and fabricated nonsense, each propping the other up," says Cate le Bon of her fourth solo album Crab Day. This is the follow-up to her excellent 2013 album Mug Museum but in reality it's the natural successor to last year's Hermits on Holiday, the album she recorded with White Fence's Tim Presley under the name DRINKS.

If anything it's weirder than that. The angular guitar lines and mesmerising vocal delivery which we have come to associate with Cate are still very much in evidence. The assembled musicians sound great - there are horns in the mix this time - but they also sound as if they could fall apart any minute. Some of the arrangements are close to Zappa/ Beefheart territory.

Crab Day is an idiosyncratic and imaginative record, with fresh highlights appearing on every listen. 'Wonderful' is a catchy yet skewed pop song, 'I'm A Dirty Attic' is sinister and intriguing, while the epic 'What's Not Mine' is a perfect closing track, managing to sound weird and anthemic at the same time.