Label: Outsiderhood Release Date: Today Website: If, like me, you had a look at the numerous 'tips for 2009' lists that popped up across the net in January you would have probably come across a British songwriter by the name of Catherine A.D. Billed as a sort of Kate Bush type figure by the NME, Catherine A.D. is releasing the 'Carry Your Heart' EP as a taster to her forthcoming debut album. I could have a go at NME quite easily for their use of the Kate Bush tag but to be honest a lot of publications/websites do it. They hear a new female artist and feel the need to categorise them as either the new Regina Spektor or the the new Kate Bush. Although I can kinda see where the NME are coming from, I still feel it's a little bit laboured. As much as I like Catherine A.D. I don't feel the songs on this EP really match the eccentricities or imagination of miss Bush. That's not to say it's bad or unoriginal though; far from it. What Catherine presents us with is three songs centered around the theme of love, each executed in slightly different ways. The opener 'Carry Your Heart' is the big sounding, fully produced song. Then 'Waiting To Breathe' enters, which see's Catherine, backed by her piano, talk about love in the most melancholic fashion. The stripped down nature of the song really works in her favour as her stunning voice manages to steal focus away from the busier feel of 'Carry Your Heart'. The stripped down structure continues through to the closer 'The Book Of Love', which happens to be one of the finest Magnetic Fields covers I've probably ever heard. Carry Your Heart is far from perfect but it definitely goes a long way towards proving those list makers right. Rating: 6.5/10