I'll start with a little confession, then we know what we are dealing with. I am not a massive Cats and Cats and Cats fan. That's not to say that I do not like them, just I have never really gotten into them like I have other bands. They have always been there, on the lips of friends and the middle of mix-tapes, but somehow they have managed to pass me by. Now, after seven years, the band have amicably decided to call it a day and now, I have quite fallen for them.

The new release from Cats and Cats and Cats had me really intrigued. The perfectly titled Catsalogue is a limited edition best of compilation and provides a perfect entry into the Cats x 3 world. I can safely say that it is a world that I want to live in all summer! The album as a whole has provided me with hours of accompaniment in the sunshine and suits a lazy summer style: effortless yet styled to perfection. The opener, the instrumental 'Happiness For Lola', provides an incredibly grand and atmospheric start to the album. It feels like an all out attempt at showing the world what they are (well, were) and how quite brilliant their talent as a five-piece works. The two halves to the track, which is a real (pleasant) shock to the ear, showcase an intense love of music but in a relax, effortless style. And that's just in an instrumental!

Each track feels like an exploration of a little bit more of the band. The beautiful 'Sweet Drunk Everyone' demonstrates a gentler side, with melancholic piano and longing vocals while 'A Boy Called Haunts' hears vocals perfectly strain against raucous guitar chords. It really feels like there is a track for everyone on this album, which sound incredibly cheesy and cliché but they have left no stone unturned in the indie-pop-folk-math-rock areas. They have pooled their talents in such an incredible way, harmonising soft female vocals against rawer male vocals alongside an array of instruments that are pulled and pushed in all sorts of musical directions. Whilst they are demonstrating that their talent is well beyond their combined years, youthfulness is the heart of the collection. Their passion is clear with every boomed chord and their dedication is heard through every stretched vocal. If only half the bands around today showed this much promise in their debuts, never mind their farewell album.The fact that they are so unafraid of experimentation, to create songs longer than three average pop songs combined, and still have such a loyal following is testament to their powers. Yet they never seem to rest, never settling into a stylistic rut; just take 'O' Science', one song which features a number of styles!

They write such wonderful experimental pop, and are never afraid to try something new. If this collection is anything to go by, their experiments have never failed them yet. However, I cannot listen to this album without regret. Regret that I never ventured into the Cats x 3 world sooner. Regret that they have now disbanded. Regret that they did not make it to the larger audience that their talent surely deserves. Consider this one last hurrah for the band as they prove that the last seven years was time well spent.