Label: Function Release date: 12/07/10 Link: Myspace Buy Amazon Having been a fan of Cats and Cats and Cats since stumbling upon their previous AA Single Oh Boy which featured ‘A Boy Called Haunts’ and ‘The Boy With The Beak’ it became without no doubt that the new album If I’d Had An Atlas would be one to look forward to. Cats and Cats and Cats are a band that have always had ideas in an abundance and they always strive to cram them into all their songs as much as possible, with their stop start tracks and rising vocals that they are known for, which are apparent in the opening track ‘If I’d Had Antlers.’ Blending melodies and raw sound into one song is something of an art form in itself, one that Cats and Cats and Cats seem to manage very well, such as in ‘Big Blue’ with a delicate start and build up that would sooth any large feline. It soon transforms into a punchy sing a long with lyrics such as ‘If this is a battle’ repeated to create one of the most crowd friendly and memorable lyrics of the album. The closing track ‘If I’d Had An Atlas’ is arguably the highlight of the album, it sums up Cats and Cats and Cats well, it combines all of the ideas they used in previous tracks to create one mammoth audio experience that combines 'stop start' punchy instruments with the choir like vocals that rise and violins that sooth you before you hit the jagged pop storm. It shows that Cats and Cats and Cats are not going to run short of ideas soon, and throughout the album you'll hear parts which make you believe that this band will crack the art form of combining them all to create that track we all know they can, yet seem to fall just short of in various places throughout the album. A solid and recommended album for any current, new or undecided Cats and Cats and Cats fan. Photobucket