You’re going to need patience to listen to Chicago four-piece Cave’s new long-player Neverendless. True to title, this droning assembly of tracks does go on a bit, simulating the kind of temporal elasticity that no doubt inspired its recording. For example, second track ‘This Is The Best’ goes for a nerve-rattling fourteen minutes, features about three different notes, and changes ever so subtly that it’s sure to upset anyone whose Ipod is set to shuffle. But change it does, shifting from ethereal distortion to psyched-out rockabilly and ending in a manic battle between guitars, drums and pitch-shifting keyboards. Cave know how to get there – they just take their time about it.

So if you’re willing to invest the requisite hours, preferably in a Corvette speeding along a desert highway, you’ll find plenty of moments to lose yourself in Neverendless. Opening track ‘WUJ’ uses a repeating Can-style guitar riff that evolves into majestic powerchords, before a shrill guitar break at the five-minute mark announces a Kyuss-style groove. ‘On The Rise’ juxtaposes a repeating bass figure against a Fogherty-style guitar attack, while closing track ‘OJ’ opens with a bowel-releasing bass note before the band launches into a familiar Krautrock-orbit.

It’s possible, of course, that the compositional genius of Cave may be a fabrication on the part of us; the listeners. History has shown us that most cities in the developed world house a legion of psychedelic guitar-nerds slaving away on endlessly repeating grooves. Perhaps Neverendless is just five of the best jam sessions that Cave threw together this time around. And when the musicians involved are this good, no one need complain.