Label: Moshi Moshi Release date: 29/11/10 Link: Official Site Hardcore New Yorkers Cerebral Ballzy latest release ‘Insufficient Fare’, is quite literally nothing less than a crazed, chaotic racket barely two minutes long but long enough to makes its point in that time. You don’t need to look much further than the name to know this is a band that doesn’t take themselves, or life, too seriously, and for someone writing about music that can sometimes be a welcome relief. In a world where perhaps we’re all getting a bit carried away with what group or what scene we belong to, it’s nice to find a band that couldn’t care less. On purely musical terms, this is (a quite literally) blast orientated in the 80s punk scene, with bands like Minor Threat immediately coming to mind upon listening to ‘Insufficient Fare’ and B-side ‘Don’t Tell Me What To Do’. The whole release is three minutes long, and is crescendo of crashing drums, screeching guitars and barely comprehensible vocals. It’s nothing ground-breaking and it’s certainly not going to win them any awards for musical artistry, but from what I can tell Cerebral Ballzy aren’t here to do much more than party and long may it continue, to be honest. Photobucket