New York quintet Cerebral Ballzy’s career has thus far been typified by their live shows: sloppy, sweaty, but completely electric whilst you’re in the swirling haze of the mosh pit. Hopes for their self-titled album weren’t high- few believed the boys could deliver without the buzz of witnessing the chaos in the flesh. But I for one feel that in a startlingly brief 19 minutes, these boys definitely deliver.

From song titles such as ‘On the Run’ and ‘Don’t Tell Me What to Do’, it’s easy to tell what’s in store- a fistful of punk and anarchy, hard, fast and angry. This is the first flaw critics have found with Cerebral Ballzy - many feel that the hardcore punk sensibility of this album is dated and nostalgic, and insipid copy of a scene that hasn't been relevant since the 80’s. But with the ghost of punk currently manifesting itself in reprehensible forms such as ska and pop punk, why not return to its heyday? Why not consider the comparisons to Bad Brains and Minor Threat as more than mere imitation? Why not consider them as the rebirth of a scene that’s as relevant today with our shitty economy and disillusioned youth as it was three decades ago?

Besides, just because it sounds familiar, doesn't mean it's not good. Furious guitars, nasal vocals and thrashing drum lines are all there in abundance; utter chaos is balanced with some of the catchiest hooks you’re hear this year. If you do pick up this album, I dare you to not be chanting ‘Cutting Class’ for days to come.

The only problem I have with this record, if you can call it a problem at all, is that it is difficult to figure out whether or not Cerebral Ballzy intend to be taken seriously. Once again, the song names say it all - ‘Sk8 All Day’ and ‘Puke Song’ hardly sound like masterpieces. But it could be argued that that’s what makes them masterpieces. They’re the painfully truthful ponderings of some guys from Brooklyn who like to start fights and eat an unhealthy amount of pizza. For me, these songs are genius because they reflect the sleazy, perhaps dumb reality of a bunch of kids who started making hardcore music to piss on the Brooklyn pop scene. Their genius is in their blistering accuracy - afterall, the ‘Puke Song’ wouldn’t seem half as authentic if it was called the ‘Regurgitation Song’.

In short, ‘Cerebral Ballzy’ is a dumb, sleazy hardcore record with a heavy dose of 80’s nostalgia. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if that ought to be taken as a compliment or an insult.