Venue:Hoxton Bar & Kitchen Date: 28/07/10 Support: The Flats & Wild Palms Hoxton Bar & Kitchen had the job of hosting three of the most talked about bands currently popping up on the noisier-side-of-indie circuit (NME labelled it 'dark rock', they do love putting stuff in a box). The first band to let out their 'constructive' noise in the Shoreditch venue was Loog Records latest signing, The Flats. Currently the band everybody is wanting to talking about are fronted by the son of the highly-influential Alan McGee and their EP described as 'the most exciting record Loog has put out since The Horrors' by their new label boss. From those two 'facts' I had an idea of what the band would sound like. Within thirty seconds of their first song, (which only lasted about a minute) all the boxes were ticked. Yes they were energetic, yes they had charisma and stage presence but they were shouty, very shouty, which isn't really my thing. I enjoy music with at least some sort of structure, even on The Horrors' debut there was a tune underneath Faris' yelling. The band are still fairly new and young, it'll be interesting to see how they evolve over the next couple of years. Next up were Wild Palms who entertained the biggest crowd of the evening as the venue filled up quickly. These are a band who have had their name thrown about in a 'go and see these they are amazing' way rather than hype driven by some major label. I was pleasantly surprised by their performance, they had great songs but equally a great performance. They reminded me of an easy listening version of These New Puritans as there was a lot of interesting noises happening alongside the huge sounding percussion. The headlining slot was filled by current NME favourites, Chapel Club. The band seemed to have appeared on virtually every festival line-up this summer which is apparant as their live shows are distributed with perfection. The band took a chance and played their two singles, ‘O Maybe I’ and ‘Five Trees’ but went on to prove they have a lot more to come. For a 'dark rock' band, they aren't just another Bad Seeds rip-off, there's something more interesting and talented about them. Not only do they have the songs, but it's nice to see a band with a front-man who can actually sing. The rest of their 2010 will be busy with touring and an album to release.